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Why a Wedding Video

Your Wedding Day, You've imagined what it would be like since you were a child. You'll spend countless hours planning, arranging, anticipating....and then it finally comes and rushes by in a flash.

Many couples remember little of it. They were to nervous, caught up in a frenzy of activity and attention that is unmatched in a lifetime.

Although traditional photography is extremly important and a must, Video will bring back the joy, fun, laughter and tears, along with the people and place that will make up one of your lifes most important days, in such a way that you will feel as though you are there again.

Without Video.

The Groom will never see those precious moments during the Brides preparation with her friends and family.

The Bride will never see the anticipation of the Groom as he awaits her arrival at the ceremony site.

The Groom will never see the Bride arrive at the ceremony site.

The Bride will plan her entire processional and never get to see it, because she is the last one down the aisle.

You will never get to share the special moments of your nuptial vows, or the excitement and fun of your Wedding reception with your children and grand children.

Video is usually the last thing planed for, yet it becomes the first thing you want after the Wedding.

A mature woman; Actual size=180 pixels wide

A very wise Wedding expert once said.

"The future holds but two possibilities.
Those that had thier Wedding Day taped
and those that wish they did."

We at Liberty Video sincerly hope you do not become the later.