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Liberty Video Productions Wedding Videographers
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Premium Package


This is our most popular Package.
It includes Full Coverage of Your Special Day begining with the Brides Preparation Site right through the Last Dance of Your Wedding Reception, using Three Professional 3-chip low light Digital Camcorders and Two Videographers. 
It is designed to dazzle you with different camera angles, impressive transitions, special effects, slow motion scenes and photo to video clips.
It includes a video life story of the Bride and Groom from birth to present time, using up to 40 photographs artistically arranged to your choice of music. This video will be delivered to you one week prior your Wedding Date and may be shown at your Rehearsal Dinner, Cocktail Hour or Reception.
It also includes coverage at the Brides Preparation Site. Here we will capture some truly special moments as she prepares for the Ceremony with her family and friends. We will also include an intimate interview given to the Bride by her Maid or Matron of Honor.


The Pesentation will open with specially seleceted still video scenes from your wedding day overlayed by beautiful fading graphic titles to include: 
The Wedding Celebration of, The Bride and Grooms Names, The Wedding Date, Name and Location of the Ceremony Site and Name and Location of the Reception Site.
As the music continues, we will transition into a scrolling closeup of your wedding invitation and finally into carfully selected slow motion scenes in black and white of your first dance as husband and wife.


The production continues at the preparation site of the Bride. Here we will capture some very special moments of her wedding day arranged to soft backround music with dynamic slow motion and still video scenes, as along with her family and friends she prepares for what will be one of the most important moments in her life.


The coverage will continue at the Ceremony Site with the arrival and seating of your guests along with the emotional and nervouse moments  of the Groom as he awaits the arrival of the Bride.
Outdoors we will capture the arrival of the Bride along with her Family and Wedding Party.
We will then continue with multi camerea coverage of all the special moments of your Wedding Ceremony to include:
The Wedding Procession, Readings, Wedding Vows, Exchange of Rings, Lighting of Candles and all the other special activities that will take place. We will capture the emotions of Parents and Grand Parents, along with Family and Friends as they share the special moments of your Nuptial Vows and Ring Exchange right through to the Recessional.

We will also include coverage of your receiving line, and formal photos (time permitting) arranged to backround music.


At the Reception Site we will cover scenes from the Arrival of Guests, the Cocktail Hour and the Arrival of the Wedding Party.

We will then capture all the Special moments of your Wedding Reception to include:
The Introduction of your Wedding Party, Blessing and Toast, Your First Dance, Special Family Dances, Cake Cutting, Garter and Bouquet, last dance and many other special activities and dancing throughout the entire evening.

During the course of the Reception we will film an interview with the Groom and his Best Man similar to the one given by the Maid of Honor to the Bride.
With permission we will film interviews with your Wedding Party, Family and Friends which will make a wonderful and entertaining keepsake.

Just prior to the last dance in the video we will include an interview with the Bride and Groom, giving them the opportunity to acknowledge and thank those who helped make thier special day possible.
The close of the presentation will be arranged to beautful scrolling or fading credits acknowledging everyone in your Wedding Party, arranged to a special backround and the music of your Last Dance.
In addition to having three camera coverage with two videographers you will receive three copies of your presentation on "DVD".

Our Premium Full Coverage Package with three camera coverage and two videographers.....................$1495.00